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seeyou by Biggi M. Creative fashion for connecting sizes and large sizes

our brand

seeyou by Biggi M.

As a family company in the 4th generation, we value the highest quality and sustainability throughout the entire production process.
With our seeyou brand, extraordinary qualities and trends are stylishly implemented for the needs of our target group. When developing our designs, we have the same high demands for tailor-made cuts as we do for quality and workmanship. With great attention to detail, every piece becomes a “must have”.

spring / summer 2021

seeyou by Biggi M.
Life and the joy of creating new things in the context of nature, safari in sand and khaki tones as inspiration. Playful styles, sporty and contemporary in fashionable outfits, make statements. Azure blue radiates  nonchalant and a holiday mood. Pink and papaya are an energy kick for the senses, casual and smart with a feminine statement.

autmn / winter 20/21

seeyou by Biggi M.
“Cozy Lightness” as the main theme of the season, increasingly translated into sweat styles. Nonchalance, casual and modern, mainly in cream and natural tones. Red tones combine power with black. Cool arctic blue meets navy and light gray. Complete outfits for women who love fashion.

"seeyou is a way to say who you are without having to speak"